Book Folding

Hello Crafters and Bubbly Funk Fans.

I have a sweet project to share with you.  Its something you can sit with on your lap and do while watching your favourite TV show.

I have made a book folded bird cage.  I found lots of great step by step tutorials  on the internet.  This is a great one to try if you are just trying this craft for the first time.  Each page only has two folds and if you can make paper aeroplanes you can make this.

You need to find a book that has a good amount of pages and the pages are fairly good quality paper.  I always try to find a hard back book as the pages tend to be better.

Once completed you can decorate your bird cage.  I used the ribbon and beads from the “Blue Christmas” box and the material came from the “Seeing Stars” box.  Both are available in the Bubbly Funk Shop.

To make the organza flower I cut out several different size circles and used a tea light to melt the edges.  The heat makes the edges curl up to look like petals.   Please be very careful when using candles.  I threaded some beads onto some wire and attached this to the centre to hold the petals in place.

I then finished with a few die cut butterflies, dragon flies and bees.

This would make a lovely gift especially as Mothers Day is just around the corner.  What better way to say thank you than with a handcrafted gift.

Thanks for stopping by today and please check out the BLOG for more lovely inspiration from the Design Team.

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