A Box Full of Flowers


I hope you had a lovely, peaceful Easter weekend!  It’s the time of the year when I find most of my crafting projects end up with flowers or butterflies on them – so how perfect that the “Hello Spring” Letterbox craft box has lots of both in it 😉

Among all the other lovely things in the new box are a little bundle of sweet and pretty flowery die cuts, all ready blooming and ready for your cards and other projects.  I saved a few of them for something else, then went a bit mad, creating this Flower Box Card

This is such a clever card fold; it lies fairly flat for posting in a regular envelope, but a quick squeeze on the sides and it pops out into a box shape, revealing whatever you’ve hidden inside.

There are lots of tutorials on how to make the basic card on the internet – just search for “box card” and you’ll find them.

Don’t make the mistake I made when I made my first box card – remember to add your papers or stamped designs to the various sides and flaps before you fold up the box –  its much, much easier to do that while everything is flat!

Then you add some strips of card to act as hinges and supports inside the box – this is the fiddly bit, but once done you can start adding all the fun stuff.   You can use strips of acetate, pieces of card, or maybe some wire to fix the pop-outs, it depends on what you want your finished card to look like.  For this one I just used a few small strips of card to attach some of the flowers, others were just glued in place without extra ‘height’

To complete the card, and make it easier to put in an envelope, make a ‘belly band’ from a strip of card that will go right around the flat card – don’t make it too tight or it will be difficult to slide on and off.

I always keep the outside quite simple, I just added some knotted ribbon to decorate the band. Sometimes I add a hint of whats inside instead of the bow.

Her’s how it looks when folded – looks quite full, doesn’t it?  I like the idea of hiding the surprise!

from  the “Hello Spring” Through the Letterbox craft box I used:

Green Paper

Flower  Ribbon

Printed Flower die cuts

Pink and Blue Glitter Paper

Glittery Flower Chipboard shape

From my stash I added; Card, Pearls, Twine, Paper for the outside and sentiment die cut

Bubbly Funk Through the Letterbox  Hello Spring craft box costs just £15.95 each and is stuffed with all sorts of different stash to keep you inspired and keep you crafting.

That’s all for this time. Thanks for popping by

Happy Crafting


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