Suffolk Puff!


Today I’d like to share a simple sewing project with you – now, don’t panic if you’re not a seamstress, as long as you can make a ‘running stitch’ you can do this one.

I’ve used 2 pieces of fabric from the lovely ‘Hello Spring’ craft box, plus some ribbon and a cute button to make this cute hair ‘bow’.  All you need to add is a needle, some thread and a pony tail band.

A “Suffolk Puff”, aka a “YoYo” is Patchwork Quilt term, its a gathered fabric circle often used to make beautiful quilts from scraps of pretty fabric.  You’d need a heck of a lot to make a quilt, but for this project you only need to make two!

And you don’t even need to neaten the edges as you’re going to hide any mess away under the ribbon and button.

So, begin by cutting two slightly different sized circles from fabric.  They don’t have to be perfect.

Bow tie a strong knot at one end of your thread and stitch a simple running stitch about 3mm from the edge all the way around till you meet the other end of your thread.  Now pull up the gathers and tie the two ends together (make sure the right side is on the outside!)

repeat for the second circle

With the gathered sides upwards, stitch the two puffs together through the middle.  Bring your needle out again at the front (fancy side)

From some ribbon, make a bow – or a double bow like mine.  Push your needle and thread through the ribbon and one of the holes in your chosen button – then push the needle through the other hole and all the layers of ribbon and fabric to the back.  Repeat for an extra safe fix!

If you have enough thread on your needle you can use it to attach the pony tail band, otherwise just thread your needle again and make a few stitches around and through the band to fix in place.  Tie off securely with a few knots and you are done.

It also makes a very cute little bracelet!

In the absence of a little girl to act as model, mine is decorating a jar of alphabet beads hehe

From the Hello Spring box I used

2 pieces of fabric

Gingham Ribbon

Frog button

Extras: Needle, Thread, Simple elastic pony tail band

Using the “Hello Spring” box, you can get yours for just £15.95 from HERE

I told you it was easy, didn’t I?  Have a go and let us know how you get on – you can always share your creations with us via our Facebook pages

Thanks for looking

Happy Crafting

Kathy xx

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