Tutorial – Stenciled Phonecase


  • two strips of contrasting or coordinating fabric, 35cm x 11cm (this needs to fit your phone)
  • one piece of wadding the same size
  • small piece of velcro
  • one button
  • stencil –  see the extensive stencil section in the shop
  • fabric ink – I used Versacraft, Ash Rose, Celadon and Sky Mist.


1.  Cut your chosen fabric and wadding to size.

2.  Place the wadding on the bottom, followed by your outer fabric, right side down, and then the inside fabric, right side down.

3.  Pin together.

4.  Sew three sides…

5.  On one on the shorter sides leaves a gap.

6.  Turn it all right side through, poking it all through the little gap you left.  You now have the outer and inner fabric right sides showing and the wadding sandwiched in the middle.

7.  Add one part of the velcro on the part of the case that is to be the main body.  Sew this through the fabric and wadding.  Just sew a square around the sides of the velcro.

8.  Place the other part of the velcro on top of the stitched velcro for now and turnover the bottom part to accommodate your size of phone.  Pin in place.

9.  Sew the whole piece all the way around including the flap and the top piece where previously there was a gap.

10.  Its now easy to know where your other piece of velcro should go.  Sew into place.

11.  Add a button to cover where you can see the stitching through from the velcro.

Its also at this point I decided to add the stenciling, although you should do that right at the beginning if you want to stencil the whole outer piece of fabric.  I only wanted the front piece to be stenciled so its easier to do once the piece is sewn.

Just place your stencil on top of the fabric and sponge through some ink, overlapping colours to create the toned effect.  Iron lightly to set the ink, being careful not to press too hard as it may flatten the wadding.

Hope that all makes sense!  Let me know if you have any queries, and happy sewing!!


(I made this in 2014 and it was previously published on the Bubbly Scrumptious blog).



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