Mixed Media Canvas

I created this canvas some time ago for a challenge and the theme was ‘Dominoes’.

As I love fabric, love stencils and love beads I thought I would combine them all onto a canvas!

I cut long strips of canvas two inches wide and then decorated them using Tando Creative’s Harlequin mask and Versacraft ink.

I then sewed each blank line created by the stencil, and cut into one inch lengths to create the separate dominoes.

I stitched each one onto an 8″x8″ piece of canvas and added the ‘love’ sentiment which was stamped and then chain stitched before adding to the canvas.

This whole piece was sewn to a 10″x10″ canvas which I had painted.  I added the framed effect by using the Stripes mask with some Viva Decor Terra.

I then decorated the whole piece with some seed beads.  I have to have busy hands whilst watching the TV!



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