Fabric Heart – Tutorial

There are so many ways to use a stencil.  Here is how I used one to create a design onto fabric and then into a hanging heart.

How to:

Find some scraps of fabric to make your heart – my finished heart is approx. 18cm x 16cm and I used some blue cotton and calico.

Take your chosen stencil and using ink stencil out your design – I used some Maya Road spray which I’ve had for a while.  If you are making something like this which won’t need to be washed then you can use pretty much any spray ink.  I do recommend heat setting it with an iron to give it more stability.  Its advisable to test whatever sprays you have onto fabric first though, some may bleed more than others. After heat setting the ink on this heart is quite stable, I did test it with sprays of water and it did stay put but it wouldn’t be suitable for a full-on wash!  Obviously, if you are stenciling onto fabric which will need to be washed then you need a fabric ink or paint.

Once you have happy with your stenciled design you might like to add some stitching and beads – I did some free-motion stitching along the stems and leaves and a few of the flowers.  I then did some hand-embroidery along the main branch adding in beads as I sewed.  I added a couple more beads to the centre of a couple of flowers too.

Cut out your design into a heart shape – I used a Fiskars heart template and drew around it with a pen.  I then cut out another two bigger heart shapes in the blue fabric.

Place the stenciled heart on top of the blue heart and stitch.  With right sides together stitch this heart to the remaining blue heart.  Leave a gap for stuffing and if you want it to hang then its at this point you add ribbon too.  I then added further beading and buttons and bits along the top of the heart for further decoration.

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