Paper Roses, Paper Roses


Sometimes its interesting to look at your stash in a different way – so at first sight you might think there’s nothing you recognise from the Bubbly Funk shop on this card!

A few weeks ago, I posted a tutorial here all about making paper roses.  It got me thinking about all the lovely ‘flat’ mulberry paper petals Bubbly Funk sells and whether I could use the same sort of technique as in the tutorial to make some mulberry roses with them.

It turns out it works just fine, though I did need to use an extra set of petals to get a nice ‘full’ rose.

I chose petals in brown, cream and a lovely bluey-turquoise colour to make the roses.  As mentioned I used an extra flower shape to fill out the rose – to do this I separated the petals and trimmed of the resulting point, then dipped the now straight end into some glue and added them into the rose wherever they seemed to be needed to make a good, full shape.

The basic Rose Tutorial is Here

From the Bubbly Funk shop I used

Brown Primula

French Vanilla Primula

Whirlpool Primula

From my stash; Kraft Card blank, Pearls, die cut sentiment

Why not have ago at making some flowers yourself – I bet you’ve got loads of flat paper petals to practise with, and if you don’ty, well Bubbly Funk can help you there!

Happy Crafting


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