Tutorial – Be Positive Canvas

This project is very simply done just using the fabby ‘I Heart U’ stencil with Versacraft inkpads. They are so cool because they are water soluble but when heat set are permanant even on fabric.

Products I used were

Bubbly Funk stencil – I Heart U

a couple of AALL & Create stamps from set #7 and #3 (but just use whatever you like)

Versacraft inks

Multi media paper,

water spritzer,

heatgun (or you could use an iron)

black fineliner

black and white paint pens

black inkpad

black gesso

canvas frame to mount your work


How to:

Start by applying the pink Versacraft ink with a sponge through the stencil. Then spritz with water and let it react until you are happy with the effect. You can lift off large puddles with tissue if your not happy with any areas.

Set the ink with a heatgun or you could dry iron it when all the water has dried ( I would put it inbetween sheets of copy paper first and put a flat tea towel underneath if your going to use your iron – you don’t want ink on your irons baseplate!!)

Reposition your stencil over the original image and add a different colour… I used orange. Repeat the spritz, dry and heatset process. You can carry on as many layers as you want until you are happy. The reason you heat set is so the colours don’t mix, they stay true and layer up. You can see on my last layer I used two colours which did combine.

Once you are happy with the colours replace the stencil and go around the edges with the fineliner. When I took it off I then went over the lines freehand to give it a more hand drawn finish.

I added a little bit of white paint pen inside the letters and smudged it with my finger to soften the paint. For the stamping I used my stamping platform because I didn’t want to ruin my project with dodgey stamping. You probably know how to use a stamp platform but I’ve only just started using one after a long absence from crafting and I love it!!! But just in case you haven’t used one I find is the best way to use it – put the paper down then decide where the image is going, then press the lid down to pick it up. Ink the stamp then press – if you’re not happy with the image ink and stamp again. I used a couple of stamps from my AALL & Create sets (#7 and #3), then just added a few highlights with my white paint pen, which I also smudged to soften.

Paint the sides and edges of your canvas with black gesso and leave to dry ( if you are pushed for time it might be a good idea to do that first then you’re not waiting like me lol). When everything is dry cut or tear your paper to size and tint the edges with a little bit more of the Versacraft ink lightly sponged on and spritzed.

Glue to the canvas using your choice of adhesive. To make sure it sticks properly lay your work face down and add heavy items to the back if the canvas. Top tip… make sure your surface is clean and dry!!! As you can see I managed to get a little bit of black gesso on the front of my image!!! Although I had been thinking it didn’t look quite finished anyway, so it turned out to be a happy accident really lol… so I dry brushed a little bit of black gesso in lines around the edge to give nice grungey frame. I finished it off with a very light splatter of black paint pen.

This project would be awesome done on fabric and made in to a bag or cushion etc… You would have to switch to proper fabric pens if you wanted to make it washable though and I think the inks would work better if the fabric was damp first. Have fun!!

P.S … I realise now I have used the stencil the ‘wrong’ way… but my mind reads it as “Love” … when it was intended to be I Heart U! But it makes the stencil more versatile I guess!!

Hugs, Julie x

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