Tutorial – Keeping you in my heart


Bubbly Funk Original stencil # 10 Hearts

6 x 6 paper pad; Simple Stories

White cardstock

Black Cardstock

foam pads


cutting mat


Score board or tool


Take a piece of black cardstock and trim to 28cm x 14cm. Take another piece and trim to 23.5cm x 9.5cm.

Take the largest piece and lay it out landscape. Take a score tool or score board and score at 7cm and 14cm.

Take the smaller piece and lay it out landscape too. Score at 7cm and 14cm. These are your two Z’s.

Take the white cardstock and make mats for each Z. i made a made for all 3 panels in the smaller Z and mats for just the two outer panels on the larger Z. I then repeated with  patterned papers from my 6″ x 6″ paper pack.

I made embellishments from the paper pad, and used the bubbly funk heart stencil to make extra hearts to decorate the card.

Once decorating was finished i joined the two Z’s together. Stick the left panel of the smaller Z to the front of the left panel on the large Z. I suggest doing a dry run first, without glue so you know the placing.  I used i glue stick so i could move the smaller Z into the correct place too. Repeat with the right hand flaps to form your Z.



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