Tutorial – Christmas Wreath


I began by placing my acrylic sheet onto a grill rack in a baking sheet

I then got a small pot and added all off my marbling paints and a touch of gold.

I then turned the pot upside down on my acrylic sheet and lifted it quickly. This is known as a dirty pour apparently. I then began to tilt the acrylic sheet in all directions, so the paint moved and mixed. Once I was happy with my twirls, I sprinkled on some red and gold glitter. I am using a blue picture here as I forgot to take a picture of my red dirty pour. I will show my blue project soon…

I left the sheet to dry on the rack overnight.

Once dry, I turned the sheet over and drew stars on the back using the two bubbly funk stencils.

I carefully cut out the stars. I then took a pencil and drew lines from the star points to the middle. I then took a craft knife and carefully scored over the pencil lines

As they were quite stiff from the acrylic I used, it was easy to add them to a Christmas wreath I was making myself using handmade wet felted flowers, felted balls, and greenery.  I also made a few card stars too as I knew this was a into wreath so was not worried about adding the card stars.

I love how the stars turned out and they match my flowers perfectly.



Bubbly Funk Stencils – Distressed Star #3 and Star Layers #5

Plaid Marbling Paint: Red, Blue, White and Black

Plaid multi surface paint: Gold

A4 thick acrylic sheet


Craft Knife


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