Tutorial – Marbled Baubles and Stars


I began by placing plain white baubles onto sticks that was placed into a long piece of wood.

I then took a small pot and layered up different marbling paint. I then placed the pot on top of a bauble and lifted it, so the paint poured around the bauble. 

Do not worry if there are gaps as you can go back in with more paint later. I also placed a plastic sheet under the baubles to catch the excess paint.

Once dry I sprinkled glitter on the baubles for a bit of bling.

I did this for 6 baubles in blue, white, black and gold.

And repeated with the last 6 in red, white, black and gold.

They look very beautiful hung on the tree, especially when the twinkling fairy lights catch them

And here is how the plastic marbled stars look on the tree too, lovely

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and its inspired you to have a go at creating your own personalised decorations

Sarah xx


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