A little bit about me…

Hi, I’m Caroline and have a passion for crafts which goes back…ooooh, years and years!

I have had Bubbly Funk online since 2005 and also tried very hard to carry on with my hobby too. Running the website leaves me very little time to create. BUT I am now making time to make stuff – hence the blog title! YAY! Creating makes me so happy.

That’s not to say I think what I create is particularly wonderful, sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t and very often I am undecided! But I am trying to be brave and share it anyway!

I first started a blog in 2005 when they were quite new and called Web Logs! That has since disappeared into the ethos, and this blog is therefore brand new and something I hope will just give me the inspiration to create. I am not asking for comments, they are in fact turned off, but I am sharing everything on Facebook – Caroline Webley and Bubbly Funk – and also Instagram and Pinterest should you wish to comment or like!

You can also see my work as part of the Design Team for PictureStitch – find on Facebook.

Thank you for visiting!